Snorkelling in Belize

Posted By: Geoff & Iza Prower on Sep 14th 2015

Fans, soft corals

The diving and snorkeling are superb. Pick a reef, any reef, jump in and see what you find. Many more vibrant varieties and colours of both coral and fish than we ever experienced in the BVI. Every island has a reef. There are patch reefs all over the place to explore. Then there is the barrier reef itself and the offshore atolls. This is an area that could take years to explore properly.

And then there are those magical moments such as when a magnificent, curious Eagle Ray swims past, or, as when sailing south from Turneffe Reef to Glover’s Reef, (both offshore atolls outside the barrier reef), we were joined by probably around 40 spinner dolphins. They stayed with us, playing in the bow wave and the wake for almost 30 minutes. 


Lots of Grunts


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