Beautiful waters, great sights, but the greatest of all was sailing aboard a 47 foot catamaran named “Dreaming On” owned and operated by the best crew ever. A British couple, Iza and Geoff, Iza nicknamed the “Admiral” performed numerous duties from cook, bottle washer, cleaning, setting sails and other duties as required. I said cook, this is no way near what this Lady created in her tiny galley. World class meals, so delectable, even during preparations of the meals the aromas permeated throughout the vessel making your mouth water. The potions were ample enough to satisfy even the hungriest. Cook is not an appropriate title a more befitting honour would be “World Class Chef”.

Now Geoff titled the “Captain” maneuvered “Dreaming On” with such skill and technique like they were one. The Captain performed many of repairs and upgrades on the vessel. Upon boarding we thought we were on the maiden voyage of Dreaming On with its gleaming decks and the orderly fashion that items were stowed. It was almost like its christening had just happened the day before and the champagne still fresh on its bow. Dreaming On wore her years well and proved to be a worthy veteran. A tribute to the crew’s hard work and dedicated ownership of Dreaming On.

Another factor about Iza and Geoff is their worldly experiences that provided them great insight into their guests and their willingness share their life experiences. Iza and Geoff are not a crew, but a well coordinated and oiled team and “Dreaming On” is the third member of the team.


The Three Amigos: Ron, Bryan and Pat
April 2012