Before we headed out for this trip we had some apprehension, even though we had read all of the glowing reports with 5 stars. Would it be too crowded and cramped? What if we did not like the crew? What would happen if we did not like the food?

All that worry for nothing. We were so happy during our five days with Geoff and Iza that is was actually painful to part ways with them and Dreaming On.

One of our group was heard saying "I could do this for a month". When questioned about it he told us again, "no I am not kidding, I really could do this for a month". I think we would all agree with him.

The boat and crew delivered in spades in every department. A completely wonderful experience from start to finish. The problem I have now is that I think going to an island and staying in a regular resort will always pale in comparison to sailing around with Geoff and Iza.

I know I said it to you a few times already but thank you both again for being so exceptional at your jobs and for making our stay with you so enjoyable.

We are already saving up for another adventure with you and Dreaming On!

Ross and Tara, VA

Patrick and Sarah, VA

February 2013