Thank you so much for making this such a fantastic vacation for our whole family. It really wouldnít have been the same without you both on Dreaming On! Every spot we visited was magical and unique, getting better every day. We are sad to leave but hope to be back soon. I leave totally relaxed and recharged! Iíll have many beautiful pictures I can recall during the year of our time here. Thank you again. Mary

Thank you for everything! This trip has been amazing. We will never forget it. James

Thank you so much for making this vacation so amazing. Iíll never forget this trip. The best bread I have ever had was on this boat! Thanks for everything! Megan

Thank you so much. I had so much fun. All of the activities were very awesome. I also enjoyed the food. Thanks again. Sarah

I hope you appreciate that these are the sort of trips that stay with the family for a lifetime. It certainly will in our case. The food, the sailing, the exploring and the snorkeling were superb. The tubing and knee boarding were a thrill and the bar tending was first rate and always timely. The meals were wonderfully prepared and beautifully presented. I have at least a thousand pictures from which to tell the story. I look forward to that. Thank you again for an endless week in the BVI. Safe sailing to you both. We hope to see you again. Gary

Gary, Mary, Megan, James and Sarah

New Jersey

July 2013