The vacation was absolutely amazing!!! It was such a magical experience and Geoff and Iza are two of the main reasons for that. I can't say enough about the hospitality they offered, their kindness, the comfort, they are the ultimate in hosting this type of trip. To say that they exceeded our expectations is an understatement.

The food was a 15 out of 10, every meal was better than the last. Homemade bread every day!!!! Iza made sure that all of our requests were met when it came to the menu. She was even considerate enough to remember which one of us didn't like eggs and also made the portion sizes perfect for each individual. The four of us all love to eat and enjoy good food and her food was above and beyond. I have requested all of her recipes but I don't think I will be able to replicate her touch when it came to preparing our meals.

The boat was always clean and unfortunately Geoff and Iza spent quite a bit of time picking up after us.... We found the boat to be the perfect size for us, the best part was the front bow with the trampolines. Laying out there when the sails were up and we were crashing into the waves was an experience we will never forget.

I should also mention the hammock and being able to drink a mimosa while laying out there in the morning sun was wonderful. The cabins were clean and bathrooms were always clean. The outside dining table was the only place we ate, the fact that it was shaded and out of the sun was perfect and the seating was so comfortable. Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn't mention the table settings that she had. Like I said, the thought, the time, the effort that was put into our vacation is unmatched.

Geoff was a wonderful captain. Our itinerary was perfect and it allowed us to see what we wanted, the only flaw was that we didn't have more time to continue our journey. We can't wait to book our next trip with Geoff and Iza and see some of the other islands we weren't able to squeeze in this trip. I have traveled all over the world and between the four of us on this trip we have covered most of the world. This was by far the best vacation I have had.

Bottom line, Geoff and Iza are the best of the best! The trip wouldn't have been half as wonderful if we had a different crew. There hasn't been a day so far that we haven't said "I miss Geoff and Iza".

Chris, Lindsay, Matthew and Alison
October 2011