Dear Friends

This salutation is chosen purposefully and expresses our specific feeling. During our first trip with you in 2012, we told the children “It does not get better than this”. In 2014, you proved us wrong. We do not need to write of your hospitality, graciousness or culinary skills. These are documented by all who have preceded us in this guestbook and we lack the ability to convey it any better. Suffice to say, “AMAZING!”

Rather we wish to express a profound appreciation for your friendship, despite having spent a mere two weeks with y’all in two years. We have come to cherish our time with you, the memories you have helped us create and experiences you have shared with our family will always be warmly held in our hearts.

In anticipation of our next memory with our Dreaming On friends, we are most sincerely the Brierres.

Stephen, Kathryn, Lindsey, Grace and Jeanne


June 2014