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Please take a look at our FAQs below, which will give you a feel for life on board Dreaming On

Here are the FAQs

Any other questions?

Do I need any sailing experience to enjoy a charter on Dreaming On?

No. You can enjoy the boat with no sailing experience whatsoever. We don't expect our guests to participate in any crewing activities on the boat unless they want to. However, we always enjoy guests' participation, explaining sailing techniques and how the boat systems work and are happy to give hands-on experience to anyone who is interested.

What kind of clothes should we bring?

A number of swimming costumes, T-shirts, shorts and wrap-arounds are the order of the day. Cotton shirts and shorts and equivalent dress for ladies are fine for most restaurants. It is also a good idea to bring a rash vest to wear while snorkeling to prevent sunburn. Hats are essential in the midday sun.

What kind of shoes do we bring?

We never wear shoes on board as the white decks stay cool, and have a non-slip surface. For going ashore, beach shoes, flip flops or sandals and sports shoes for any hiking. Flip-flops and sandals are also standard wear in most restaurants.

What kind of bags should we bring?

Soft bags can be packed easily out of your way once you have settled into your cabin. These can have wheels, as long as they pack flat.

Do we need to bring our own snorkel equipment?

Dreaming On is equipped with a selection of masks, fins and snorkels to fit most users. However, we do recommend you bring your own properly fitting mask if you have one. Young children really benefit from having a correctly fitting mask so they can learn to enjoy the delights of the underwater world.

What is there for children to do on Dreaming On?

Have lots of fun! We enjoy having children on board. Helping to drive the boat, swimming, kayaking, snorkeling in search of lobsters, tubing, wakeboarding, knee-boarding, treasure hunts, and pirate tales!

Am I likely to feel queasy on a catamaran?

Catamarans are so much more stable than monohulls that this is very unlikely to occur.

Do you have internet access and telephone aboard Dreaming On?

Yes we do. We have cellular telephone available and we have a wifi router.

What linen do I need to bring?

None. Dreaming on is equipped with all bed linens, bath and hand towels, beach towels and face cloths. There will be a mid-week linen change.

What about shampoos and shower gels?

Our guest showers are supplied with bottles of shampoo and shower gel but of course, you are welcome to bring your own.

What about sunscreen?

Yes you should bring whatever suits you. However spray sunscreen gets everywhere, so controllable bottles are the way to go. Don't forget the hats!

I have special dietary requirements, can Dreaming On cater for me?

Yes we can. We will send you a sample menu and a form for you to complete giving your dietary preferences. In most cases we can cater for these given sufficient notice before we provision the boat.

I have to take prescription medication. Can I bring this with me?

Yes, of course.

Is smoking allowed on board Dreaming On?

We do not allow smoking inside the boat. Smoking can very easily cause fire and danger to others and the boat. Smoking is acceptable out on the aft deck.

Is the water OK to drink on Dreaming On?

Definitely. If our water is taken on at a dock, we filter the water before it goes into the tanks, then it is double filtered before reaching the faucet. But most of our water is made on board with our reverse osmosis water maker which produces extremely pure water. This water is double filtered again before reaching the faucet.

Is Dreaming On air conditioned?

Yes. We have full air-conditioning. All staterooms are equipped with two fans and all have large hatches that face forward to catch the breeze. As we are normally at anchor, the boat always faces the breeze. Air conditioning is available upon request.

What cruise itineraries do you offer?

The Belize cays are so diverse, that there is something for everyone. We prefer to construct an itinerary around your interests and chosen activities. When you first arrive on board, we'll finalize your chosen itinerary. Then each morning, over breakfast, we will review the day's plans again, just in case the weather has decided to intervene.

Our route will also be tracked on our Chart Plotter and you will receive a record.

Are there any extras payable on top of the charter fee?

It is customary to leave a 15-20% gratuity for the crew. If your cruise involves other countries you are responsible for any customs and immigration fees. We generally anchor but if you request to take a mooring ball for the night or a marina dock those charges are your responsibility. There is also a Belize Accommodation Tax.

What is your drug policy?

We have an "Absolutely zero tolerance" policy regarding illegal drugs. If you are found to be in possession of an illegal substance, your cruise will be terminated immediately, without notice and with no refund of charter costs.

Will we have fun on board Dreaming On?

We guarantee it!