Explore Belize

What would you like to see?

Experience the colors: golden sunshine and the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

Your itinerary is customized to suit you.

While you are having fun, we'll record your adventure, which will be presented to you along with your itinerary at the end of the charter.

Where Would You Like to Go?

  • Do you enjoy beaches, swimming and snorkeling?
  • Kayaking to explore secluded beaches?
  • Hiking?
  • How about a Rendezvous scuba dive?
  • Sample one of the many superb restaurants available throughout the cayes or a local, sand between the toes, beach bar.
  • Tell us what you would like to do and see and we'll make it happen.


With over 90 charters operated in the BVI, Dreaming On never operated the same itinerary twice. We always tailor our itineraries to our guests' preferences and pace.

The same will apply in BELIZE, where we will continue to offer the high quality customer service, hospitality and cuisine that guests have enjoyed on board Dreaming On in the BVI.

Dreaming On is based at Funk Caye, our own idyllic little caye close to the Barrier Reef, 18 miles east of Placencia. However, our charters start and finish in Placencia, a very laid back village at the base of the Placencia Peninsular. Our normal cruising ground covers the southern islands of Belize. Itineraries will vary according to guests' preferences.

Our itinerary may include the Lark Caye range, Bakers Rendevous Caye, Crawl Caye, the Pelican Caye range, Lagoon Cayes, Moho Caye, Cary Caye, and the golden triangle of Rendevous Caye (previously owned by Ringo Starr of the Beatles), North Long Cocoa (also known as Sanctuary Cay) and Funk Caye. All islands offer wonderful snorkelling, kayaking and paddle board exploration. You never know what you might see? Eagle rays, manatees, dolphins, nurse sharks, turtles.

When the weather cooperates, we sail south to Ray Caye, previously, Hatchet Caye, which offers a great restaurant, and on to Ranguana Caye, right out on the main reef, with a wonderful sandy beach, swaying palms, spectacular snorkeling and Bully’s Beach Bar.

One of the many joys of Belize is the lack of other boats. We can almost guarantee an island to ourselves overnight. But by far the main attractions are the snorkeling and diving opportunities. There are hundreds of inner reefs, all just waiting for us to drop in and explore. The hard and soft corals are amazing and all have fascinating and abundant fish life.

How about a night snorkel?

For scuba divers we recommend a rendezvous dive with our dive partner who will provide all equipment, pick you up from Dreaming On after breakfast and take you out to the best locations on the Barrier Reef for a morning dive. Surface time is usually spent at a scenic island in the Silk Caye conservation area with lunch provided. Then an afternoon dive, before being returned to Dreaming On in time for cocktails.


And while you are having fun, we will do our best to record your adventures.

At the end of your visit, all photos and videos are presented to you along with a full record of your itinerary.

We hope that the wonderful memories of your time on board Dreaming On will stay with you forever.